Garlicky Black Bean Hummus

Hummus is often a favorite snack or starter dish and can be manipulated with all sorts of flavor combinations. We spiced our version up a bit with a little Mexican twist and couldn’t have been happier with out it turned out. The key ingredient is the Sesame King Garlic Tahini, which gives the hummus a nice garlic kick while complimenting the other flavors. We included a 1 pound jar in our Tastes of the Mediterranean Foodie box so click the link if you’d like to get some for yourself, they are also on sale right now!

Side note: King Sesame Tahini comes in several flavor options including roasted, honey, lightly roasted, cajun and even CHOCOLATE so you can really experiment, especially if you are a hummus lover like most decent humans are!


-1/4 cup Tahini (we used Sesame King Garlic Tahini)

-1 can black beans, drained and split into two portions

-2 tbsp olive oil

-Sea salt to taste (we used a big pinch)

-1/4 cup cilantro

-1/2 jalapeño or more for additional spice

-2 tbsp freshly squeezed lemon

-More garlic if desired


-Pour the tahini into your blender or food processor

-Add one half of the drained black beans along with the olive oil, sea salt, cilantro, jalepeno and lemon.

-Blend until smooth then add the other half of the blackbeans.

-Blend until all ingredients are completely combined and you have your desired consistency.

-We recommend serving with pita chips and veggies or even using as a side with tacos! (we used Toufayan Scoopable Gluten Free Pita Chips, which were also in our Mediterranean box).

This takes all of 5 minutes so what are you waiting for?!


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