Gluten Free Wheat Starch– Could It Be True?

The gluten free community has been abuzz over the last year or so about this elusive concept: gluten free wheat starch.

One of the most famous gluten free companies to speak in favor of the new Codex Wheat Starch is Schar, famous for its familiar yellow-packaged products of stand-by gluten free products sold across the globe. Their newest product–croissants–have the crazy new starch {though only sold in Europe currently}.

While it’s not yet hitting the shelves with a big gluten free label across the front in the US, it’s been popular in Europe for over a decade, with extensive research in the celiac community proving its safety.

What do you think, AGF Crew? Would you eat a product with this specially formulated/processed wheat starch that celiac individuals in Europe have been loving for many years?

Tell us why or why not in a comment!

{More info: Gluten Free Wheat Starch , Schar and Codex Wheat Starch}


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