Using “Gluten Free” in Marketing

The AGF team had a special visit to Flur Bakery in Riverside, Illinois last week–look for exciting things to come! Those baked goods were beyond delicious!

Upon arriving at the storefront, we’d remarked about something extremely peculiar–not a single mention of gluten free on the windows or door. We stepped inside and yet again, not a mention of gluten free.

But wait, you might be thinking, isn’t this a 100% gluten free bakery? Yes, it is! 100% dedicated gluten free bakery but you’d never know unless you read the fine print ingredients on each item tag in the enticing pastry case.

The owner of the bakery explained that it was a strategic move–people just weren’t as inclined to try products labeled as “gluten free,” and were consistently surprised when they found out–post-taste test–that her items were.

The AGF team has many thoughts and opinions about the concept of the use/exclusion of “gluten free” in marketing– and the decision to market to the general public though the goodies are 100% safe for gluten free/celiac eaters, with a beautiful cafe to sit in as well!

What do you think, AGF crew? Should dedicated gluten free businesses avoid marketing as “gluten free” to draw a larger audience? Strategic? Frustrating?

Tell us in the comments!


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