AGF’s Tips for a Gluten Free 4th of July

As BBQ season kicks into high gear, and with the 4th of July around the corner, here are AGF’s top tips to a safe and fun gluten free BBQ season!

1. Always have back-up snacks.

There’s nothing more difficult than sitting at a BBQ having planned for a day of accessible, safe food to eat and then finding out there isn’t anything that is safe enough. Always throw some fun, filling snacks in your bag/purse/car to be safe, rather than sorry! Be aware of high temps and pack foods safely on ice!

2. Make tin foil your friend.

Cover everything in tin foil. Grill surfaces are secret carriers of endless allergens {never underestimate what people forget about putting on their grill tops!} Wrap anything that goes on the grill and ask that everything prepared for you be wrapped separately. Nothing worse than cross-contamination when a simple piece of foil could have prevented it!

3. Seek naturally gluten free items–prepared on clean surfaces!

Always opt for the simplest things–you should be able to see every ingredient you’re eating {unless it’s a dip/sauce, in which case, CHECK THE LABEL!} BBQs are great spots to find corn on the cob, fruits, veggies, pickles, plain hamburgers {ensure your host didn’t put bread crumbs inside!}, and more. Do not forget to check every drink ingredient, as well!

4. Don’t overload on fruits and veggies.

While fruits and veggies are a great GF/allergy friendly go-to, don’t forget that we’re all human. You can get a horrible stomach ache from overloading on all that watermelon, celery, carrots, and corn! Everything in moderation is key.

5. Call your host ahead of time!

Most people are willing to accommodate, if you call them ahead and provide clear, simple instructions for preparing at least one item safely. Offer to write it up as an email, or arrive early to help. Hosts may get anxious about preparing things safely, but ensure that you show gratitude and confidence in your host and they will help you immensely!

All of us here at AGF want you to enjoy your gluten free, allergy friendly BBQ season! Share recipes, photos, ideas, and more tips for a safe time in the comments!


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