Monthly Gluten Free Fun For All!

You might ask, “Can gluten free really be fun?” We like to think so! Here at American Gluten-Free, we want to help bring fun and support into your gluten free life. Instead of just picking a bunch of foods to put in each box, we want to introduce you to them in a fun way and at a time when you can actually really use them. We also want to encourage celebration!

How do we do this? By selecting items, very thoughtfully, around the current seasons and celebrations of America. So for instance, May is coming up and it’s full of festivities from Mother’s Day to Cinco De Mayo to Memorial Weekend and even the Kentucky Derby! Whether for your own pleasure or to share with friends and family, we hand pick items that you can use to make delicious meals or simply for snacking, in celebration of these events. Of course, you can use them whenever you want and chances are many of the items we include will become some of your favorite finds for year round enjoyment!

Besides the fun aspect, we are here to bring support. All of our foods are certified gluten free and/or made in a dedicated wheat and gluten free facility; 100% dairy free and almost always soy free and vegan. Try us out today and be Free of Gluten, Full of Life!

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