Gluten Free For The Family

American Gluten-Free is a subscription box service that finds high quality, delicious gluten and dairy free foods from around the country and delivers them once a month, right to your door.

Our boxes are perfect for families who have to include these options to support a family member with these dietary needs. We guarantee all products to be made in dedicated gluten free facilities and to be 100% free from dairy. Most are also free of soy, corn as well as vegan.

In each box you will find a large selection of mostly full size items ranging from pantry and meal items to snack and health food products. Most of you do a lot of cooking at home to maintain a level of comfort and safety. We include tons of options for your baking, cooking and grilling needs. Whether you are cooking for a few people or a lot of people, our full size options give you the ability to stash some for later or share with those you love.

Of course, staying at home all the time is not possible. You will also find a lot of healthy snack options to take on the go without sacrificing nutrition or flavor. These snacks are also great to pack for the kids lunches, take with you for an afternoon snack at work or as a little pick me up between workouts or outdoor activities.

No matter how you use your American Gluten-Free box, we are confident anyone getting their hands on these goodies each month will be happy, healthy and most importantly, FED!


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