Happy Gluten-Free Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is the one day of the year that Mom’s just might take it easy…and chances are good they will still be trying to take care of everyone else.  That’s just what Mom’s do.

Flowers are beautiful. Massages are relaxing. But those too are short lived. Show Mom how much you love her by giving her the gift of year round love. Every time she gets the box, she will think of you. Heck, every time she enjoys one of the delicious items included in the box she will think of you! And you will look darn good in the process.

As we mentioned earlier, Mom’s work hard. Their work never ends. Their love never ends. Being gluten free is enough of a challenge so the last thing she needs to worry about is what to make for dinner, what snacks to pack and what can she eat while tackling her to-do list. American Gluten-Free provides monthly options of delicious meal items and healthy snack items that fit right into her everyday life.

Each month she will get a surprise box of 8 or more gluten and dairy free foods to bring a smile to her face. But don’t worry, you will still be her #1.

And tell her not to worry, each product is Celiac tested, Celiac approved. We choose to only use the best products out there. She will find that all items are either certified gluten free and/or made in a dedicated facility where cross contamination does not exist.

So, what are you waiting for…time is almost up! Enrollment ends on April 19th, click this link to get started www.americanglutenfree.com/subscribe. And since Mom loves clipping her coupons, make her proud and save her 10% off for as long as she is a customer with code: MOM10 (good on a 1, 3, or 6 month subscription).

Happy Mother’s Day from American Gluten-Free!


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