Tips for Your Gluten Free Super Bowl

gluten free brownies

Nothing demonstrates the American passion for gluttony and excess more than Super Bowl Sunday. As two teams of heavyweights face off on the field, an entire population of heavyweights challenge themselves to eat more than they ever thought possible at home. It’d be inspiring to see people push themselves to their physical limits – if it only wasn’t taking place with food in living rooms across the country. This article from Mashable does an excellent job of quantifying the amount of food and beer consumed the day of the Super Bowl, and it’s enough to make you ill.

So, in the hopes of keeping our gluten free friends from eating until the point of gastrointestinal discomfort, we had three gluten free experts come up with some tips and tricks to make sure you have healthy, gluten free options for your Super Sunday celebration. Personally, I plan to go a little crazy, so we have some gluten free options for maximum culinary hedonism included as well. So, whether you want to blend in by gorging on gluten free alternatives to the traditional fare, or make your own healthy food options, we have some gluten free tips for you before the big game!

Gluten Free Alcohol

Let’s face it, drinking has woven itself into one of the more traditional aspects of sporting events, and the Super Bowl has become something of a marathon of consuming adult beverages. Having your own gluten free beer, like Short’s Brewing Company’s Space Rock, or Omission’s IPA are top notch choices for beer enthusiasts to sip on throughout the day. One of our experts also recommended bringing margarita mix, which would compliment your gluten free corn tortilla chips and seven layer dip very nicely indeed. Distilled beverages, like whiskeys and vodkas, are also excellent options to imbibe during an afternoon of casual, or intense, adult beverage sampling.

Gluten Free Snacks

We’ll start discussing the food options under the self-delusional assumption that you won’t overindulge like most Americans on Super Sunday.  These healthy, gluten free options are relatively straight forward – a veggie tray is always a hit, a fruit salad is certainly welcome, and corn bread compliments many main dishes quite nicely. If you’re worried about there being no gluten free options at all at the party, and you don’t want to do too much cooking, you may want to have a main dish at home prior to the event, and then bring your own snacks to get you through the game. Now, if you’re hoping to blend in with your binge eating family and friends, our experts (not just me!) came up with a plethora of reasons for you to loosen your belt!

Bring your corn tortilla chips, and make your own gluten free seven layer dip – easy and delicious. You can also bring veggies and chicken to make your own nachos at the party, allowing you to share with any unprepared gluten free people also in attendance. If you’re going to make chicken wings, and you should because they’re amazing and a football tradition, be sure to use Sweet Baby Ray’s barbecue sauce, as it’s gluten free. It also happens to be the best sauce on the planet, even if you don’t eat gluten free.

It wouldn’t really be a Super Bowl without a food that’s in the shape of a football, so we recommend these gluten free, dairy free fudge brownies from the folks at Overstuffed – you can find the recipe for these beauties here!

No matter who you’re cheering for on Sunday, keep in mind that everyone at American Gluten Free is cheering for you to have an excellent day with friends and family. Being gluten free shouldn’t stop you from celebrating life, watching football, or partaking in the American tradition of overindulgence! As always, you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more gluten free tips and tricks!


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