AGF Attends the Inspired Summit!

We are so excited to be heading to Traverse City, Michigan for the 2016 Inspired Summit on January 30th! While the weather in Traverse City is sure to be on the chilly side, it’s certainly not stopping fitness and wellness experts from around the world from attending an event focused on helping attendees build a bridge between their physical and spiritual health.


The event is a combination of speakers and active learning opportunities, like yoga practices and meditation exercises. There are several highly qualified speakers who will be focusing on proper nutrition and diet, and how it relates to our overall health. We’re excited to learn all we can, so we can pass along the information to you. Simply put, this is the kind of health conscious event that American Gluten-Free is thrilled to be part of!

Of particular interest to us is a presentation to be given by Kris Rockwood of Press On Juice. Press On Juice is a company based in Traverse City that produces a huge variety of juices from organic fruits and vegetables. As gluten free individuals, you understand how exciting it is to find out about gluten free products that promise to be both delicious and nutritious. We will do some research about the products, which will include some hands-on testing, and let you know what we think. If the juices are as good as the reviews say, you could see some juices in your boxes very soon!


Another speaker we can’t wait to hear is Dr. Charles J. Huebner, who is an advocate of a more holistic approach to wellness versus the traditional, purely pharmaceutical approach utilized by most doctors in the US today. Dr. Huebner will explain the negative impact of a prescribe first, diagnose later approach taken by many doctors, and the importance of a healthy lifestyle as preemptive approach to disease and general poor health.

If you’d like to attend the Inspired Summit, there’s still a few spots left. You can learn more about the summit and reserve your spot here. If you’ll be at the summit, be sure to say hello to American Gluten-Free’s founder, Erika! She’s making the trip to learn all she can about health and wellness to give her the best possible ideas for products to go into our monthly subscription boxes.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see pictures from the summit. You can always learn more about American Gluten-Free by visiting our full website at!





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