Things We Love: Civilized Spirits

In the long, cold winter months in Northern Michigan, you’d think most inhabitants would retreat into their warm homes to wait until spring makes its welcomed return. If you’ve ever been to Northern Michigan in the winter, you know that this couldn’t be further from reality. We embrace the winter in all its glory, with outdoor activities like snowshoeing, fat biking, skiing, and plenty more. We also take every excuse possible to celebrate health and happiness, and we certainly don’t let our gluten free diet exclude us from the celebrations. It was at a recent celebration where I first tasted a Civilized Spirit‘s Vodka, and now I want to share this little gem with the world.

Civilized Spirits is a company based on Old Mission Peninsula, in Traverse City, Michigan. They make a simple, but absolutely delicious vodka that’s gluten free. It’s so smooth that it’s easily sipped on its own, or included in any mixed drink of choice. And since Civilized is located near Traverse City, Michigan, the cherry capital of the world, they also produce Sakura, a natural, cherry flavored vodka that is sweet and unlike anything else you’ve ever tried!


Civilized Spirits appeals to us because they’re a company who preach and practice conservation and simplicity in their operations.  They make a concerted effort to reduce their impact on the environment by running their distillery with less energy, and using less water with a more efficient distilling process. A simple, more efficient distilling process yields a purer, higher-quality product – and that’s another reason to love Civilized Spirits.

If vodka isn’t your thing, Civilized also produces its own whiskey, bourbon, rum and gin. Because these drinks are distilled, they are all gluten free libations for you to enjoy. Distilling removes the gluten protein from the wheat, barely and rye that’s found in whiskey and bourbon. That means you get all of the taste and none of the gluten!

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