Looking Forward to February!


We are very much looking forward to February for so many reasons! Obviously, we’re extremely excited to launch our first ever box on February 15th. It’s been so much fun gathering the products for February and putting together American Gluten-Free as a company over the last few months – we can’t wait to share the fruit of our labor with you. It’s been a fun and exciting journey, with plenty of long days and late nights, but it will all be worth it once we get these hand-picked products in your hands!

As we were picking the products for February’s box, we began thinking of the big events that take place during the month. While we were discussing events and holidays in February, it conjured up so many fond memories of my first Valentine’s Day dinner with my future husband. The suspense, the anticipation and the build-up to the date made me a bundle of nerves! It was those sensations that we want you to have when we send out the boxes each month. We want you to look forward to these products each and every month, and be pleasantly surprised at the carefully-selected products you receive.

Another celebration that takes place in February is one of the best all year, if you ask me. I’m talking about Mardi Gras, of course! For one day, we celebrate life and food and drink without any inhibitions, without any regrets. Calories, clothes and the number of cocktails we drink doesn’t matter – we live in the moment and enjoy the company we’re with. It was very important to us that American Gluten-Free provide a similar experience for our subscribers. We want to help you celebrate life all year long, no matter your dietary restrictions. We want to be your monthly reminder that life should be celebrated for any or no reason at all, and we hope the products we send each month play a role in that celebration!

As February approaches, we’ll try to live in the moment and enjoy the present. But we are so excited to share our passion for excitement and celebration with you next month, and I hope you’re equally as excited for your box. We sincerely hope you experience joy and excitement each month you receive our boxes!

To find out more about who we are, our partnership with a Northern Michigan food pantry, or to sign up for a monthly subscription box, you can head over to American Gluten-Free‘s website!





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