Things We Love: Wheat’s End Artisan Foods

Imagine a fantastical place where you can eat doughnuts, pasta, and breads of all flavors and denominations. No reading labels, no explaining your Celiac condition or gluten intolerance to an eye-rolling waitress or waiter. Just order what you fancy, and eat to your heart’s content.

Unfortunately, this is not a reality enjoyed by many celiac sufferers or gluten free individuals around the country. That is, not until now. We’d like to introduce you to Wheat’s End Artisan Foods, based in Chicago, Illinois. Your baked goods fantasyland exists – and you don’t need to go to Chicago to enjoy it!

While Wheat’s End does manage a bakery and cafe, we’re excited by the opportunity to order their items online. And when we say foods, we mean gluten free breads, pasta, sweets and more! They’ll ship you pre-packaged mix for all of their delectable food items so you can make them at home. High-quality, gluten free foods delivered to your door – we love the sound of that!


What’s even more fascinating about Wheat’s End is the story of how they got started. The owners, Susan McMillan and Amelia Fonti started out by helping a friend find ways to bake gluten free breads after being diagnosed with Celiac disease. They then opened Senza, a Celiac-centered restaurant that went on to win a Michelin Star!  It’s clear that these women know a thing or two about gluten free baking, and it shows in the quality and taste of their products.

Wheat’s End is promoting a gluten free lifestyle without limitations, and that’s what American Gluten-Free is all about. You can be certain that we’ll be offering some of Wheat’s End delicious mixes in future box shipments. Stay in touch with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more gluten free products that we just can’t help but shout about! If you have any products you love, let us know about them so we can give them a try!




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