Things We Love: Short’s Space Rock


If you’re from Northern Michigan, you like craft beer. And since you’re from Northern Michigan and you like craft beer, you absolutely love Short’s Brewing Company. From their diverse line-up of  beer, their recent release of Starcut Ciders, and the delicious food at their pub in Bellaire, MI, the guys and gals at Short’s always have something for us to get excited about.

Now, what do you do if you love craft beer, but are eating a gluten free diet? Well, the folks at Short’s have found a way to get you involved in the craft beer fun. No, they didn’t make a gluten free beer. Instead, they went to great lengths to brew a beer to be gluten free. The wheat and barely that make beer taste rich and full is still in there – this is the real deal, craft beer fans. In fact, to make it clear that they were brewing genuine craft beer, they didn’t add a new beer to their line-up using this gluten removal experiment. They used one of their flagship flavors -the delicious and ever popular Space Rock –  and changed the brewing process to remove gluten.

A real craft beer, that’s free of gluten, from one of the best craft brewing companies around? It’s the stuff of dreams! But it’s a new process, and surely some sacrifices had to made during this process that would alter the taste, right? I’d guess the question you’re asking yourself now is, did it work?

Simply put – yes. We put Space Rock through its paces by one of our of favorite Celiac sufferers, a wonderful gentleman by the name of Garret. Our man Garret is a gluten free beer aficionado, and starts to feel ill with even minor contamination – an ideal tester for Space Rock. During our test, Garret had three Space Rocks, a huge smile on his face, and no ill-effects. We’re not entirely sure how Short’s manages to pull this off, but they’ve made a real craft beer that Celiac sufferers and gluten free folks can enjoy without any hesitation, and a whole lot of taste.

While we would love to include a bottle, or an entire case, of Space Rock in our monthly subscription box, federal laws prevent such distribution. Bummer. Wherever you are in the world, it’s worth a drive to Bellaire to visit Short’s brew pub. The food, the Space Rock, and the people make Short’s a veritable destination for gluten free people from all over.

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