Why is Everyone Going Gluten Free?

The Gluten Free Lifestyle

There’s an important distinction to be made between a diet and a dietary lifestyle. Like the infamous diets of the nineteen-nineties and two-thousands and naughts, a diet is a temporary change with temporary results. Think Adkins diet, think South Beach, think Paleo – the goal was to omit certain foods from your diet in the hopes you’ll cut a better figure in your skinny jeans. It’s a noble goal for some, but these diets were as superficial as the intended outcome.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is the gluten free movement. The goal of this lifestyle change is different from the other diet movements entirely. A gluten free lifestyle is a long-term solution to the negative side effects of gluten. It means relief from bloating, headaches, lethargy, and the myriad of other symptoms associated with gluten sensitivity. While only about 1% of Americans suffer from Celiac disease, hundreds of thousands of people are finding relief from gluten-related stomach sensitivities by eliminating gluten from their diets.

Gluten Isn’t A Villain

You’re probably familiar with gluten due to all of the, mostly negative, publicity it’s received recently. Gluten is found in wheat-based products, and its main purpose is to act as a binding component to make these products stick together during and after the baking process. Without getting into the science of it all, gluten doesn’t have a negative impact on everyone. On the contrary, a majority of individuals have no issues digesting gluten in its many forms. Unfortunately, a lot of people who are unaffected by gluten use their experience to pass judgement on those who do notice the negative side effects. On behalf of gluten-sensitive people from around the world, these negative symptoms are not imagined or embellished. One needs only to look at the swollen stomachs, see the pain induced by headaches, and the lethargy induced by gluten products on gluten-sensitive individuals to realize that no one would voluntarily invent these symptoms to be part of some sort of fad. People who adopt a gluten-free lifestyle are seeking relief, not attention. They’re searching to improve their daily quality of life, not simply a lower number on a scale.

If you are suffering from headaches, gastrointestinal issues, or lethargy and have tried everything your doctor has come up with for relief, a gluten-free lifestyle may resolve a few of your health issues. It’s not a fad, and without complete dedication to a gluten-free diet, you’ll never experience the relief from the ailments you’re experiencing. But for hundreds of thousands of individuals around the world, a gluten-free lifestyle has given answers to the health issues they’ve been suffering from.


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